2018 Bonus Programs

(Several of these programs are being updated – Final details will be posted on Jan 1st)

For 2018, APT will have the following bonus programs for Tour members Only

Pro-Am Skins Money – $1,000

Each APT event will have a $1,000 skins game for Tour Members only. This is a single skins pool for the full pro-am day. Should no skins be earned at a pro-am, the skins purse will roll over to the next sponsored pro-am. Making the next pro-am skins purse be worth $2,000. Again this skins purse is for members of the Tour only. Should a non-member participate in a pro-am, he is NOT eligible for the skins game. Note: There needs to be a minimum of 16 pro-am teams for there to be a skins game offered.

Callaway Pro-Am Power Ball – $500

In addition to the APT Skins Game during pro-ams, each pro-am will have a $500 Callaway Powerball drawing. For each Tour member earning a skin AND playing a Callaway golf ball, they are eligible to draw from the Callaway Powerball. Draw the correct Callaway ball and they win an additional $500! No-one draws a winner, then the Power Ball carries over!

Bushnell Winners Bonus

Our friends at Bushnell Golf are back again in 2018. Offering a very nice $500 bonus to a Tour Member winning an APT event with the new ProX2! The receive your bonus, the player must post their picture on Twitter of their bonus check / ProX2 they used and tag the photo @Bushnellgolf and #X2

Avail Sports Marketing Winners Bonus

As the Official Digital Marketing Partner of the APT, Avail Sports Marketing will offer custom websites for our members at deep discounts AND provide a winners bonus for their clients at APT events. The player must be a Birdie or Eagle level client of Avail to receive a $500 winners bonus! The Avail logo must be visible in post-event trophy presentation or interviews!

HICKIES Winners Bonus

Simple. Never Tie Again. Footwear design moves fast, so why do we keep tying our shoes with strings? Fasten HICKIES® laces once, turn any shoe into a slip-on. It’s convenient, easy and saves time. Plus it looks better. APT members will earn a $500 winning bonus should they win a tournament on the APT wearing HICKIES – limited to the first 6 Hickies-wearing winners. No winning bonus at a tournament, APT members will earn a $250 for simply finishing in the Top 5 while wearing HICKIES. Player must post a picture on Twitter of their bonus check/shoes with Hickies and tag @hickies and #lifewithoutlaces


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