KBS Joins The APT in 2018


Since its inception in 2008, KBS has set a new standard in steel shafts with its unprecedented growth and acclaim. KBS shafts are utilized in leading club manufacturer’s irons, accepted in every manufacturer’s custom department and adopted by over 150 professionals. In 2018, KBS joins the APT as a partner and as the Official Golf Shaft.

“At KBS, we’re focused on maximizing the performance of your irons by providing the most technologically advanced steel golf shafts”, says Rob Chen, CEO of KBS. “We are proud to be the official shaft of the APT Tour.  We offer all of the players our support and best wishes for success.”

“As the APT has grown over the years, we have focused on partnering with great companies”, says APT president, Gary DeSerrano. “KBS is a perfect example of a quality company making golf better with their products and technology. We could not be happier they chosen the APT and look forward to a long partnership.”

What It Means For The Players

KBS will not only be the “Official Golf Shaft” of the APT, but they are offering free product to APT members. Additionally, KBS will reward APT members winning while using KBS shafts in their irons with $500!

Another great reason to play the APT


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