Web.com Tour Qualifying

The road to the PGA Tour goes thru the Web.com Tour. And the qualifying process is a long one. It all begins in late August and with a little luck and a lot of good shots, players will be vying for one of 25 Web.com Tour Cards December 6 – 9 in Arizona.

Good luck to all the APT Members and players chasing their dreams!

  • Pre-Qualifying (August 22 – Sept 7)
  • First Stage (Sept 25 – Oct 12)
  • Second Stage (Oct 30 – Nov 9)
  • Finals (Dec 6 – 9

See all Web.com Qualifying Results here

APT Members Advancing to Finals
Member and Money List Ranking Notable

Josh Creel #1
Vincent Whaley #3
Greg Yates #9
Paul Haley #24
Scottie Scheffler
Blake Trimble
Patrick Sullivan
Nick Heinen

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