Logan McCracken has had quite the start to the APT 2019 season.  The native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has four top-10 finishes on year, two of which were back-to-back wins in Louisiana during April.

Here, McCracken dishes on some of his favorite moments from the season so far, the difference in his game between last year and this year, and his goals going forward.

What were your expectations for this 2019 season?

My expectations heading into this season were to try to win tournaments. I want to put myself in contention as many times as I can. I was in a position to win a couple times last year and could not get it done, but I’ve learned from the experiences.

Last year in 2018 you had 8 top 10’s and made 17 of 23 cuts, so far this year you’ve made 5 of 5 cuts and have won two tournaments.  What’s been the difference factor for you this year in closing out tournaments?

The biggest factor in helping me close out this year has been my mindset. The mindset to just stay calm and within myself no matter what is going on around me. I sometimes get ahead of myself and get impatient, but I’ve gotten better at staying in the moment and thinking more clearly. Also, knowing my game better.  Knowing what I can and cannot do at certain times has helped me tremendously.

How do you prepare for a tournament?

It is tough to prepare for tournaments when we are coming and going from Monday qualifiers and things like that.  For a normal tournament I’ll get the course in my head a few days before and if I know the course and play it on the range if I’m at home and practice the shots and shapes I know I will need. The week of a tournament I like to play the course at least once sometimes twice and spend most of the time chipping and putting and getting familiar with the green surfaces as quickly as possible.

How do you train while you’re in season? What’s typical day like for you?

I’m one of those guys that likes to train, no matter what time of year it is. I am not very flexible, so I’m constantly trying to improve my mobility and maintain strength throughout the season.  During a tournament week, I usually train after or before I play, depending on the tee time.

Tell us about the process of being a professional golfer, playing on mini tours, going to Monday qualifiers, and working towards getting your tour card.

The process of being a mini tour golfer is very unique.  People ask all the time how this thing works, and it’s always hard to explain. Being a pro golfer is a dream of mine, and sometimes it is tough driving, travelling, booking things, practicing and keeping your game as sharp as possible. It is hard to take a week off and sometimes you may not have the energy for a Monday Q or a tournament, but it’s all about having a good mindset because you never know when you could make it into a web or PGA event. So, you always have to be ready.

What’s your favorite club in your bag?

My favorite club in the bag would be my 60 degree lob wedge.  I like it because I can be so versatile with it and it’s fun to hit all sorts of shots around the greens.  That’s what is fun for me is chipping around all day.

What has been your favorite course you’ve played this year and why?

It is tough to pick a favorite course so far; they’ve all been in the best of shape for us.  I might say Ellendale down in Houma.  I think it is a good risk reward course and there are a lot of different ways to play it.  Plus, the members were great and always treat us unbelievably well.

What is your most memorable shot from a tournament so far?

My most memorable shot this year would have to be the shot I hit from 180 on 16 at Ellendale. Hit is close on the par 5 and made eagle, right when the tournament was getting close.

What are your goals going forward this season?

My goals going through the rest of the season would be to keep putting myself in contention and always having the best mindset for the day or the course I am playing.  Also, to get into a couple web.com events.  Then ultimately to get through Q School and get a web.com Card.

Amateurs are always asking pros for “the tip”, what would yours be?

Tough question, I would tell amateurs to practice their chipping and short game more, I know it may not be the most fun to practice because everyone wants to hit the ball hard and far. But, around the greens is where you will save the most strokes no matter what level of golfer you are.

Written By: Brandon Moore @BAMoore_