The APT|WAPT is adopting similar policies as the PGA and LPGA Tours regarding green reading books and materials.

The APT|WAPT Rules Committee is offering this reminder on the correct application of the Local Rule G-11 (see each tour’s Hardcard) that restricts both the materials used for green reading and more specifically, the handwritten notes kept by a player or his caddie.

Handwritten notes must be those of the player or the caddie he is using in that competition, and those notes are restricted if they could help read a line of play on the putting green. Please note these key restrictions on those handwritten notes being kept:

  • Notes must NOT be made by copying information or data from a greens book or previous APT Official Yardage Books
  • Notes must NOT be made by using a device, such as a level or a phone app

In very basic terms, yardage books and green-reading materials produced prior to 2023 are likely to be in breach of this Model Local Rule G-11 and should not be used.  You also cannot copy or use any information from yardage books or green books that were produced before 2023.

A breach by a player or caddie who is circumventing this Local Rule by keeping notes that are gathered in a way not in accordance with the Rule will be penalized as set out in Rule 4.3 in the Rules of Golf: General Penalty for the first breach; Disqualification for the second breach. 

Furthermore, in accordance with our on-site protocols for equipment, please be advised that yardage books are subject to review by a member of the Rules Committee at any time.

Please direct any questions to Chad Ginn, Director of Rules and Competition,