2022 Money Programs

The programs stated below are exclusively for Tour members Only

Pro-Am Skins Money – $1,000

Each APT event will have a $1,000 skins game for Tour Members only. This is a single skins pool for the full pro-am day. Should no skins be earned at a pro-am, the skins purse will roll over to the next sponsored pro-am. Making the next pro-am skins purse worth $2,000. Again this skins purse is for members of the Tour only. Should a non-member participate in a pro-am, he is NOT eligible for the skins game.

Note: There needs to be a minimum of 15 pro-am teams for there to be a skins game offered. If there are less than 15 teams, each pro will receive $50 for participating.

2022 Winner Bonuses

Coming Soon!