2019 Pro-Am Programs

For 2019, APT will have the following bonus programs for Tour members Only

Pro-Am Skins Money – $1,000

Each APT event will have a $1,000 skins game for Tour Members only. This is a single skins pool for the full pro-am day. Should no skins be earned at a pro-am, the skins purse will roll over to the next sponsored pro-am. Making the next pro-am skins purse worth $2,000. Again this skins purse is for members of the Tour only. Should a non-member participate in a pro-am, he is NOT eligible for the skins game. Note: There needs to be a minimum of 15 pro-am teams for there to be a skins game offered. If there are less than 15 teams, each pro will receive $50 for their time.

Callaway Pro-Am Power Ball – $500

In addition to the APT Skins Game during pro-ams, each pro-am will have a $500 Callaway Powerball drawing. For each Tour member earning a skin AND playing a Callaway golf ball, they are eligible to draw from the Callaway Powerball. Draw the correct Callaway ball and they win an additional $500! No-one draws a winner, then the Power Ball carries over!


2019 Winner Bonuses

For 2019, APT will have the following bonus programs for Tour members Only

Callaway Golf Winning Bonus

APT members winning an APT event while using an Epic or Rogue Driver AND playing the Chrome Soft golf ball will earn a $1,000 bonus! Players must post a picture on Twitter with their bonus check and tag @callawaygolf and @aprotour

KBS Shafts Winning Bonus

For 2019, KBS will be providing APT members free product. Additionally, should an APT member Win playing KBS shafts in all irons (wedges excluded), KBS will reward them with a $500 winning bonus! To receive this bonus, players MUST post on Twitter a picture of their bonus check and tag @KBSGolfShafts and @aprotour

Bushnell Winning Bonus

Our friends at Bushnell Golf are back again in 2019. Offering a very nice $500 bonus to a Tour Member winning an APT event with the ProX2! The receive your bonus, the player must post their picture on Twitter of their bonus check / the ProX2 they used and tag the photo #proX2, @Bushnellgolf and @aprotour

Avail Sports Marketing Winning Bonus

As the Official Digital Marketing Partner of the APT, Avail Sports Marketing will offer custom websites for our members at deep discounts AND provide a winners bonus for their clients at APT events. The player must be a Birdie or Eagle level client of Avail to receive a $500 winners bonus! The Avail logo must be visible in post-event trophy presentation or interviews!

IceRays UV Sleeves Winning Bonus

Cool and comfortable UV Protection for any outdoor activity. One size fits all – SPF 50+ UV protection Arm Sleeves – The special fabric has a cooling effect works with the moisture in your skin and the movement of the air. APT members winning an APT event wearing IceRays will earn a $500 winning bonus. Player must post a picture on Twitter with their bonus check with their IceRays and tag @UvSleeves and @aprotour


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