Pace of Play

Rule 6-7 states, in part:  “The player shall play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines which may be laid down by the Committee.”  The following pace of play guidelines, penalties, and fines for stroke play competitions have been adopted.

Definition of Out of Position 

First Group: at any time during the round they exceed the allotted time to play.

Subsequent Groups: at any time during the round they; (a) exceed the allotted time and; (b) reach a par-3 hole that is open and free of play, reach par-4 hole and have not played a stroke from the teeing ground before the hole is open and free of play, or reach a par-5 hole and all players in the group have not player a stroke from the teeing ground before the hole is open and free of play.

NOTE: The committee reserves the right to time a group when the Committee deems it necessary. Further, if a player is determined by the Committee tone unreasonably slow, he may be times individually at the Committee’s discretion regardless of whether his group is out of position.


A group falling behind or just out of position, if possible, will be warned. However, timing may commence without a warning. A group will be warned only once in a round. If possible, after a warming, a group will be monitored to determine if player(s) need to be times individually. When a group will be timed all players in the group will be informed. Timing could occur on any hole, including the finishing holes of a round or the next hole after a warning. Other than on the putting green, timing of a stroke begins when it is the player’s turn to play and he can play without interference or distraction. Time spent determining yardage counts in the time taken for the next stroke. One the putting green timing begins after a player is allowed a reasonable amount of time to mark, life, clean and replace his ball, repair ball marks and remove loose impediments on his line of play.

A player has 40 seconds to play a stroke, with an additional 10 seconds (total of 50) when first to play:

(a) stroke on a par-3; (b) a second stroke on a par-4 or par-5; (c) a third stroke on a par-5; (d) a stroke near the putting green or, (e) a stoke on the putting green.

A player being timed, who exceeds the applicable time to play a stroke will be informed as soon as possible.

Penalties and Warnings per Round for Players

  • First Offense – No Penalty – Warning
  • Second Offense – One (1) penalty stroke
  • Third Offense – Two (2) penalty stokes
  • Fourth Offense – DISQUALIFICATION

    Any player in a group being timed who exceeds the applicable time and is subject to penalty strokes, will be notified after the round at the scoring table.


    Any appeal of a penalty and fine must be referred to the Tour Director upon completion of the player in question’s round.  The Tour Director’s decision shall be final.  If the player in question does not appeal immediately upon conclusion of his round, any penalties and fines shall stand.

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